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General Guidelines for Responding to a Spill or Leak

. Shut off ignition sources; no flares, smoking, or flames in hazard area.
. Keep combustibles (wood, paper, oil, etc.) away from spilled material.
. Do not touch spilled material. Do not touch damaged containers or move anything, except to rescue people.
. Detour pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
. Detain anyone who has been in the area of the spill or area of suspected contamination (except for victims requiring emergency medical care).
. Delay cleanup until the authorities arrive.
. Minimize dispersal of material (by wind, rain, etc.) by covering with a tarp, plastic sheet, etc. Tie down or use weights as necessary.
. If a right-of-way must be cleared before radiological emergency assistance arrives, move vehicles and debris the shortest distance required to open a pathway. Then, before permitting traffic to pass on the cleared path, spillage should be washed or wetted and swept to the edge with a minimum dispersal of wash water and spilled material.
. If radiation protection experts are not able to get to the scene within a reasonable period of time because of weather or other constraints and prompt action is required, do the following:
Small Spills: Cover with sand or other noncombustible absorbent material and place into containers for later disposal.
Large Spills: Build a dike far ahead of the spill to contain spilled material for later disposal.
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