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Specific(Antidote) Treatment of Acute Poisoning


AcidsSodium hydrocarbonate (4 per cent solution)
Aniline,Potassium permanganateMethylene blue (1 per cent solution), ascorbic acid (5 per cent solution)
Anticagulants:heparin and other agentsProtamine sulphate (1 per cent solution), vitamin K (1 per cent solution)
AtropinePilocarpine (1 per cent solution), proserine (neostigmine methysulphate) (0.05 per cent solution)
BarbituratesBemegride (0.5 per cent solution)
Barium and its saltsMagnesium sulphate (100 ml of 30 per cent solution)
Cardiac glucosidesTetacin calcium (sodium calcium edetate) (10 per cent solution), potassium chloride (0.5 per cent solution), atropine sulphate (0.1 per cent solution)
Carbon monoxide,Hydrogen sulphate,Carbon disulphide Inhalation of oxygen
FormalinAmmonium chloride (3 per cent solution) or ammonium carbonate (3 per cent solution)
Hydrocyanic(prussic) acidSodium nitrite (1 per cent solution), sodium thiosulphate (30 per cent solution), chromosmon (1 per cent methylene blue in 25 per cent glucose solution)
Hydrogen arsenide(arsine)Mercaptide (40 per cent solution)
Isoniazid (hydraside of isonicotinic acid), ftivazidVitamin B6 (5 per cent solution)
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