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General First Aid in Poisoning

.Poisoning is a serious matter. Patient must be transfer to a hospital/or a doctor be sent for, at once with a note of the findings and, if possible, the name of the poison.
.Preserve packets or bottles which you suspect contained the position and also any vomits, sputum etc., for the doctor to deal with.
.If unconscious - (a) do not induce vomiting (b) Make the casualty lie on his back on a hard, flat bed without any pillow and turn the head to one side. As there is no pressure on the stomach and the gullet is horizontal, the vomited matter will not get into the voice box and the tongue will not close the air passage. This is also the best posture for giving artificial respiration, if needed (c) Sometimes when there is excess of vomiting the three-quarter-prone posture (i.e.. the casualty is made to lie on his side with one leg stretched, the other bent at knee and thigh) will make things easier for the casualty. (d) If breathing is very slow or stopped, start artificial respiration and keep it up till the doctor comes.
.If conscious- (a) Aid vomiting by tickling the back of throat or make him dark tepid water mixed with 2 tablespoons of common salt for a tumbler of water. (b) Even if conscious, when the poison is a corrosive do not induce vomiting. Signs of corrosive: Lips, mouth and skin show gray white or yellow, patches that are to be looked for: acids, alkalis etc., cause such burns. First aid: Factories, which use certain poisons, shall have the respective antidotes ready and displayed in an easily available place. The personnel should be taught about the use of antidotes- so that anyone can render assistance in case of emergency.


.The poison must be diluted by giving large quantities of cold water (chilled, if possible). This will dilute the irritant and delay absorption and will replace fluid lost by vomiting. Tender coconut water will be even better as this will be a food and also a diuretic.
.Soothing drinks should be given. Milk, egg beaten and mixed with water or sojee congee are good for the purpose.
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