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Sr.No. Form and Detail Word Document PDF
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1 FORM NO. 1 (Prescribed under Rule 3)
Application for permission of construction, extension or any building to be used as a factory
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2 FORM NO. 2 (Prescribed under Rule 3)
Application for registration and grant or Amendment of license and notice of occupation.
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3 FORM NO. 3 (Prescribed under Rule 4 and 7)
Application for renewal of licence
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4 FORM NO. 11 (Prescribed under Rule 61)
Report of examination or test of pressure vessel or plant.
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5 FORM NO. 11-A (Prescribed under Rule 61-A)
Report of Examination of Water-sealed gasholder
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6 FORM NO. 12 (Prescribed under Rule 84)
Register of Compensatory Holidays
Download(59 KB) -
7 FORM NO. 13 (Prescribed under rule 85)
Overtime register for exempted workers
Download(57 KB) -
8 FORM NO. 14 (Prescribed under Rule 87)
Notice of period of work for adult workers
Download(57 KB) -
9 FORM No. 15 (Prescribed under rule 88)
Register of adult workers
Download(98 KB) -
10 FORM NO. 16 (Prescribe under Rule 92)
Notice of periods of work for child workers
Download(57 KB) -
11 FORM NO. 17 (Prescribe under Rule 93)
Register of Child Workers
Download(59 KB) -
12 FORM NO. 18 (Prescribe under Rule 94)
Register of Leave with wages.
Download(57 KB) -
13 FORM NO. 19 (Prescribe under Rule 95)
Leave with wages card.
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14 FORM NO. 20 (Prescribe under Rule 15)
Health Register
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15 FORM NO. 21(Prescribed under Rule 103)
Report of accident including, dangerous occurrence resulting in Death or bodily injury
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16 FORM NO. 21-A (Prescribed under Rule 103)
Report of dangerous occurrence.
Download(24 KB) -
17 FORM NO. 22 (Prescribed under Rule 104)
Notice of Poisoning or Disease
Download(27 KB) -
18 FORM NO. 24(Prescribed under clause (1) of Rule 107).
Annual Return
Download(141 KB) -
19 FORM NO. 25(Prescribed under clause (2) of Rule107)
Half Yearly Return
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20 FORM NO. 26 [Prescribed under Rule2(A)]
Form of application for grant of certificate of Competency to a person under sub-Rule(3) of Rule2(A)
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21 FORM NO. 26-A(Prescribed under Rule 102)
Test Report: Dust\Fume-Extraction system.
Download(21 KB) -
22 FORM NO. 27 [Prescribed under Rule 2(A)]
Form of Application for Grant of Certificate of competency to an institution
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23 FORM NO. 27-A(Prescribed under Rule 102)
Certificate of Fitness
Download(20 KB) -
24 FORM NO. 28 (Prescribed under Rule 110)
Muster Roll
Download(32 KB) -
25 FORM NO. 29 (Prescribed under Rule 111)
Register of accidents, major accidents and dangerous occurrences
Download(25 KB) -
26 FORM NO. 30 (Prescribed under Schedule VI of Rule 102) Special Certificate of Fitness Download(20 KB) -
27 FORM NO. 31 (Prescribed under rule 112)
Inspection book
Download(19 KB) -
28 FORM NO. 32 (Prescribed under Rule 68-T and 102) Health Register Download(28 KB) -
29 FORM NO. 33 (Prescribed under Rule 68-T and 102) Certificate of Fitness of employment in hazardous process and operations. Download(24 KB) -
30 FORM NO. 35 (Prescribed under Rule 100)
Nomination form for leave with wages.
Download(20 KB) -
31 FORM NO. 36 (See rule 110-A)
Identity Card
Download(19 KB) -
32 FORM NO. 37 (Prescribed under Rule 12-B)
Register containing particulars of monitoring of working environment required under Section 7-A(a)(e).
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Sr.No. Form and Detail Word Document PDF
1 The Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996 & Rules made there under Checklist Download(59 KB) Download(50 KB) Download(21 KB) Download(41 KB)
2 Application For Registration of Establishment Employing Building Workers - Flow Diagram for BOCW Site registration
(87 KB)
3 Application For Registration of Establishment Employing Building Workers - Download(59 KB)
4 Formet Of Emplyee / Workman / Worker - Download(389 KB)
5 Formate Of Wage Register - Download(250 KB)
6 Format of register of Loan/Recoveries/Damage/Loss/Fine/Advance/Absence - Download(224 KB)
7 Format Of Attendence/muster-roll Register - Download(224 KB)
8 Notice Of Commencement/completion Of Building Or Other Construction Work - Download(106 KB)
9 Report Of Accidents And Dangerous Occurrences - Download(101 KB)
10 Annual Return Of Employer To Be Sent To The Registering Officer - Download(200 KB)
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