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Common Poisons and Their First Aid

Poison First Aid
Boric acid Gastric lavage adding activated carbon. Orally: 20g of magnesia per glass of water; limewater: 1 tablespoonful every 5-10 minutes, milk; saline purgative.
Calcium oxide Gastric lavage adding acetic acid. Orally: 1 per cent solution of citric or acetic acid milk, egg white.
Chlorine,Chlorine water,
Limechlorine,Hydrogen chloride,Perchloric acid
In poisoning through inhalation : immediate removal from the poisonous atmosphere, fresh air, warming procedures, inhalation of oxygen and warm water vapors with an admixture of ammonium hydroxide. In internal poisoning: immediate washing out of the stomach using potassium permanganate solution adding activated carbon, or 1-3 per cent hydrogen peroxide, or 5 per cent sodium thiosulphate solution. Inhalation of oxygen, artificial resolution of oxygen, artificial respiration when needed,
Cocaine, Dicaine,Procaine Gastric lavage adding activated carbon or 0.1 per cent potassium permanganate solution, orally: 2:3 drops of nitroglycerin, warming procedures, hot coffee, wine, inhalation of oxygen. In respiratory disorders and heart arrest: external heart massage
Cyanogens compounds See: Hydrocynic acid
(potassium cyanamide, sodium cyanamide,hydrogen cyanide)
Digitalis,Adonis convalaria, Anodized
Gastric lavage adding activated carbon, bedrest, inhalation of oxygen, saline purgative Orally: 6-8 drops of 0.1 per cent atropine sulphate solution. Emetics are contraindicated
Hydrocyanic acid
(bitter almond,cherry laurel water,potassium cyanide,cyanic gas)
In poisoning by inhalation: removal of the patient from poisonous surroundings. Fresh air, inhalation of amylnitrate or oxygen. In internal poisoning: immediate gastric lavage using potassium permanganate solution and activated carbon, or 1-3 per cent peroxide hydrogen solution, or 5 per cent sodium thiosulphate solution. Inhalation of oxygen, artificial respiration when needed.
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