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Common Poisons and Their First Aid

Poison First Aid
Acacia, yellow,willow thicket Gastric lavage with water, adding activated carbon. Saline purgative. Rest, Warming of the body.
Ammonium hydroxide Gastric lavage with copious amount of water, adding citric or acetic acid. Orally: 1 percent solution of either of these acids.
Aniline(Anilinedyes, Nitrobenzene,Toluidine) In natural breathing fresh air and inhalation of oxygen. In respiratory arrest: artificial respiration. In internal poisoning: gastric lavage adding activated carbon, administration of saline purgative (30 g) and Vaseline oil (150 ml); emetics (apomorphene). Milk, oils and spirit are forbidden.
Arsenic and is compounds Copious gastric lavage with water adding either activated carbon or magnesia solution (20 g per one liter of water), or arsenic antidote solution (100 ml per 2-4 liters of water). Internally repeated every 5 minutes 1 tablespoonful of arsenic antidote or metal antidote, magnesia. Saline purgative, milk, oil, Warming of the body, hot water bottle on the belly.
Atropine(Beladonna, Henbane,thorn apple) Gastric lavage with water, adding either activated carbon or potassium permanganate solution (1 : 1000); introduction of saline purgative through a stomach tube4. Bed-rest; cold to the head. In weakness:caffeine tables; in respiratory disorders; artificial respiration and oxygen inhalation.
Benzene, Kerosene,Acetylene In poisoning with vapors : inhalation of oxygen, fresh air, artificial respiration, warming of the body: internally:caffeine, ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In internal poisoning: the same treatment and gastric lavage with water and activated carbon; purgative: castor oil, and black coffee and hot milk to drink.
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