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The Director, Industrial Safety and Health, Gujarat State has been implementing various labour laws for the betterment and upliftment of weaker section of the society i.e., industrial and construction workers. Labour legislations being the part of social securities the department follows the guidelines issued by I.L.O in the form of various conventions from time to time. State of Gujarat , being, industrially one of the leading states, the concept of safe guarding the interest of industries is also taken into consideration as it is going to help in generating more employment for the society. Looking to the global competition and national interests,it has become utmost necessary that not only the interest of workers are protected and industrial growth is ensured but environment is also protected for maintaining ecological balance.

It is the vision of department to provide simplified administrative procedures specially as regards to small scale industries. To ensure this common returns under various laws (CAR sceme is introduced).

The department is taking steps towards computerization and data base management which would result in better transparency and efficient administration. In this regards it is also planned to interconnect all the computers of offices of Directorate, Ind. Safety and Health by wide Area Network.

The chemical industry in the state has grown by leaps and bounds, which has necessitated the need for improved safety standards. To achieve this, the department intends to conduct and propagate safety programs for workers, managements and general public as well as for officers of the department.

With steps being proposed to be taken by the department we are sure to create a society which would be at par with the standards prevailing in developed countries, so that generations to come inherit prosperous economy and live in an ideal environment.

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